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Wade Lightheart

I have had the great fortune of learning from some of the worlds most successful online entrepreneurs and global investors. Putting this information into action has set me free. The mission of The Wealthy Backpacker is to help you do the same.


Our team is here to help you navigate the world of online business, global lifestyle and investing domestically and internationally. They live and work all over the world, and bring their extensive experience, years of know-how and the most up-to-date research to your attention each month. You get current insights, best practices, and the latest insider tips that allow you to live as a citizen of the world - without borders, boundaries or limits.

The Personal Wealth Empowerment System

Working for money? Make money work for you!

We share proven system on how to live, work and invest internationally in THREE powerful monthly bulletins:

  • The Global Lifestyle
  • The Global Entrepreneur
  • The Global Investor

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The Global Lifestyle

The Wealthy Backpacker Global Lifestyle bulletin provides digital nomads with the latest information on desirable work and visit destinations from around the world.

Buying back your time, while living a luxurious lifestyle at a fraction of western prices is readily available for those who wish to take the plunge by living in a foreign country.

Whether for an extended work-cation, a short cultural experience, or full-on immigration and residency - the Global Lifestyle bulletin gives you the ins and outs of living life to the fullest.

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The Global Entrepreneur

Today online marketing and business development are changing at the speed of thought. To keep abreast of the changes in the digital world you need hard-hitting facts, strategies, and techniques that can allow you to grow your business without blowing your budget.

Ever wondered how the world’s wealthiest people build and preserve wealth? Perhaps you’ve wanted to put your investment funds into projects that make money while making a difference.

The Global Entrepreneur bulletin provides you with the latest proven strategies and opportunities that you can employ immediately and get results.

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The Global Investor

The Global Investor bulletin shares investment opportunities from around the world that can make you feel good about where you put your money while providing you an opportunity for excellent returns over time.

Whether you’re a sophisticated investor with an existing portfolio, or you’re new to investing have never purchased stock before, the Global Investor bulletin can help you bring your investing to the next level.

The Global Investor monthly updates and interviews provide you with behind-the-scene insights from our investment coaches and advisors. Now you can put your money to work in the markets and make a difference at the same time.

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